Odyssey On Hold

Do I even have a blog anymore?

Of course I would return to writing for comfort. I came back here exactly for the same reason why I started this blog: to keep me insane from waiting to go abroad. Only this time, my destination may not be Spain.

Yes, I should have posted more about my adventures in Spain (and Portugal, France, Italy, and Germany), but I didn´t. But to be honest, I do not regret not posting on here more, because I was enjoying the experiences at the moment.

And so here I am, back in the same room where it all had started, doing shit that I hate in a place that I despise.

What´s new this time around?

Well, I seemed to have a more committed relationship with the idea of teaching…for a career.

The thought itself is pretty scary. My 2 years in Spain has shown me that the native speakers do not have the respect that they deserve…and it is understandable. Most people only choose to ¨teach¨ English as an excuse to live and travel abroad. Many people only do it after graduating recently before moving on to other things. Too many treat the experience as Study Abroad 2.0. Others, who are brave (insane) enough to be in TEFL for many years, live the expat life despite all of the uncertainties that it brings… And I am somehow trying to be one of those people.

After coming home, the job search in my field of international education has not been futile. I got stuck working in retail since the summer but have managed to find an office job: Administrative Assistant in a building company. How about that?

I can list a skill of mine as convincing people to give me a job that I have no clue about, beating 112 other candidates.

While waiting to start my new job, I had a lot of time to think… Almost too much.

Despite already having a Master´s in International Education, I needed the 120-hr TEFL certificate to apply for many jobs. And so, I finished the course and am waiting for the certificate in the mail.

Meanwhile, I have marched on with the dreaded process of getting the prestigious paperwork, which I prefer not to talk about yet until I get it. I don´t know why I´m superstitious like that. It´s weird, I know.

I´m looking forward to save up for my next odyssey overseas – wherever that might be. But I am sure that I need to visit Puerto Rico before I leave the US…and spend some time in Colombia – weather to work or just have fun, I don´t know yet.

South Korea seems like an excellent option…but since I can´t go just yet, I am just lurking at the job offers. It´s not the most healthy thing but it keeps me focused on my long-term goal. I am trying my best not to fall into the comfort and familiarity of routines.

And that, is why I am back at blogging.



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