De Compras (Shopping) 101: Getting There

A look into Madrid´s transportation system from a shopper´s point of view!

De Compras in Madrid

Hello, my dear readers!

I am reporting to you live from the South of the good ol’ USA. If this is your first time here, allow me to give you a recap.

“De Compras in Madrid” is a blog that offers an insight to the Spanish culture through the art of shopping. It is my hope to take you to the streets of Madrid without leaving your home, or encourage you to leave your home and go shopping if you live in Madrid. The information is gathered throughout my 2 years of living in Madrid and is analyzed by yours truly, a 23-year-old self-proclaimed avid shopper.

But before going on a shopping spree in Madrid, I was on the other side of the counter. To save for my summer study abroad program (and later, a Master’s Degree), I worked part-time in a department store while attending classes full-time. My title…

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