B.B.’s Beauty Products from Spain

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De Compras in Madrid

Welcome to my 2nd post! Before getting lost into the world of fashion, I’d like to present some beauty products to live for in Spain. While some brands will sound familiar due to their global presence, others are exclusively available in the EU and/or Spain. So, please, take advantage of your location and swing by your local Primor or Juteco and let my spirit be with you. Keep in mind that I am not sponsored in anyway, just here to spread the words. These products (found in Spain but not all are made in Spain) saved my life and helped transform me from an insecure college girl into a presentable, happy-go-lucky intern in Madrid. Without further ado, here is a list of my treasure:

  • Bourjois Air Mat Foundation

air-mat-24h-base-de-maquillaje Going for the gold is less than 10 euros!

I call this product “Life-Changing Liquid Gold”. Before moving to Spain, I…

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