Idea for New Blog: ¨De Compras: Madrid’s Shopping Guide”

This blog was created with the purpose of… Umm… I’m still not really sure. While I wanted to talk about my travels, I ended up documenting my feelings and emotions more than anything, and I have been doing this the most while I wasn’t having the time of my life. Most of the time, I expose my insecurities and personal stories that I should have kept to myself. Consequently, it is best to have readers who don’t know me personally…but that’s about to change.

I want to create another blog with a clear purpose. What am I most passionate about? SHOPPING. I feel like I could give readers some insights about shopping in Spain (specifically, Madrid).

I will be copying the post from my new blog to post it on here as well 🙂 Below is a very rough draft of potential posts. Can’t wait to start on this project.



Part I – Stores to Die For

Part II- Products to Live By

Part III – Shopping Zones

Part IV – Cosmetics

Part V – Rebajas (Clearance Seasons)

Part VI – Fall/Winter Essentials

Part VII – Summer Basics

Part VIII – Ojo! Return Policies

Part IX – Shoes! Walk like a Madridleña

Part X: – My Store, Mango

Part XI: My Fav Store, Mary Paz

Part XII: My Fav Store, Primor

Part XIII: My Fav Store, Stradivarius

Part XIV: My Fav Store, Women’s Secret

Part XV: My Fav Store, Calzedonia

Part XVI: Spotlight on Bershka

Part XVII: Spotlight on Zara

Part XVIII: Spotlight on Pull & Bear

Part XIX: Spotlight on Intropia

Part XX: All About Inditex

Part XI: Spotlight on Massimo Dutti

Part XII: Decathlon vs. Decimas

Part XII: Groceries Shoppin’

Part XIII: Lingery


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