One More

(Originally intended to be titled ¨One More Year¨ but age isn´t another one that has recently added up).

My 21st year of life has been well spent.

I moved to Spain. Visited many places. Got a Master´s degree. Renewed the job contract….

But now I´m back at the place before it all began – a place that, if I could be frank, I despised for not being ¨my Madrid¨ and keeping me away from it.

But now that I´m back from my trip to the moon (Madrid), things have changed.

I wouldn´t stay here, no, but I definitely don´t hate it anymore. If anything, I appreciate it for being a part of my life and shaping who I´ve become. The peace have been made.

I´m going to enjoy my short stay here while I can. There won´t be an opportunity to re-live this experience again.

Ah, remember the guy I was talking about from my last post? I sure don´t.

There may have been new developments but I´m not sure…

After realizing it was my birthday, someone whom I adore message me immediately. The difference….

It´s always nice to talk to him but I´ve been keeping my distance because he was not single. But he told me yesterday that he no longer has a girlfriend and it breaks and warms my heart at the same time… But I know he and I are impossible. The important thing to keep in mind here is that there are more than one kind of ¨love¨. I intend to keep this one in my life and will not do anything stupid that would cause me to lose him. He´s a gem.

Looks like I have someone waiting for me to get back to Madrid and I couldn´t be happier. One more to look forward to in my 22nd year 🙂




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