Sense of Style: Spain

After spending much of my time shopping over these past months in Madrid, I have decided to quit. So right now, instead of shopping, I am returning to the blogging world.

(Haha, let´s be real, I will probably go shop again at some point.)

My wardrobe is still small, but much more on point.

Selecting the articles of clothes in Spain is not so much about keeping up with the trends, but blending in. It´s a matter of looking like a tourist or a local.

In other words, the clothes I brought with me from the US are no longer relevant. Not only do they make me stand out (not in the best way), they don´t fit me anymore. Despite always eating chips and Nutella, I have lost a couple of sizes.

Vintage never dies

The shirt in this picture? Why, that´s a size 1. I know, I don´t believe it either.

Speaking of the said shirt, it´s definitely not what the Spanish women would typically wear. But hey, I liked it.

So what do they wear for Fall/Winter? Usually more conservative colors for the winter. Of course, one can never go wrong with black and neutrals, but it seems like navy, olive, and bordeaux earn their spots in the cold. Occasionally, pastels like mint and pink make rare appearances. So this pictured shirt might work, but I just have to keep the rest of the outfit toned down. I have to say it looks quite good paired with a black skirt.

As for the shoes, there seem to be three types that dominate: converse, boots, or heels.

The shoes here are incredibly cheap, especially during the Winter Sales season (¨Rebajas¨), which I believe has just ended.

After moving to Madrid, I have gained a new perspective about shopping. I have quit chasing after the brand names that would cost an arm for only one or two articles. Mixing and matching is much more challenging showcase of who is the real fashionista.

But do not make the mistake that it is only a matter of appearance. Shopping is a means of learning about the culute, observing the world around you. It´s been fun to see how the locals shop, dress, and what they prefer. Most importantly, it is up to you to select what you can choose to corporate into your wardrobe. As much as I admire their sense of style, I can´t wear everything they do. For example, I hate boots and will never wear them. For now, I will just admire them from afar.

But who knows, maybe one day that will change.

Speaking of style….

Like the clothes from the US that will no longer do, the design of this blog no longer suits me. The theme, tags and categories that used to represent me are looking ridiculous. There will be many changes to the blog.

Stay tuned.




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