Highlights of 2015

Let´s not start this post of by saying I have been postponing blogging for months, but by saying that 2015 has been one memorable, radical, ride-or-die year out of the 21 years that I have lived so far.

As a result of me not blogging more frequently, I need to do some back-tracking and remember the details of the unforgettable moments below:

  • Graduation – the elephant in the room needs to be addressed
  • Re-visiting old friends in Catalunya – and trying some authentic small town cousine
  • Meeting the 2-time MotoGP champion Marc Márquez – for the first time
  • Moving to Spain – this would be the room, not the elephant, and the starting point of my year because before this event, there wasn´t much that I would like to remember
  • Starting grad school – at one of the oldest universities in the world
  • Getting on the wrong train to the said grad school – and not on the first day
  • Dealing with (owning) the much-dreaded (by the English-speaking expats which I am not a part of) Spanish bureaucracy
  • Working in a Spanish concertado school – with primary school students and vocational training.
  • Going to the Aragon Moto Grand Prix
  • Going to the Valencia Moto Grand Prix – yes, there are many differences between the two.
  • Attending Marc Márquez Fan Club Dinner – and publicly embarrassed myself
  • Making up with Barcelonaread to see our twisted history from last summer
  • Witnessing the Superprestigio Dirttrack live
  • Appearing on live national television show El Hormiguero – speaking of going public, huh?
  • Travelling to Segovia & Salamanca for Christmas
  • Overhearing a racist shout on the metro – today, so it´s still fresh in my mind

Well, as if I don´t have enough to write about, let´s look at more tangible objects that I need a detailed examination:

  • My cave – also known as ¨piso¨
  • My closet and its castilianization, (in)complete with 7 pairs of shoes
  • My versitile Bershka bag
  • The magical youth public transport card
  • ¨Jamoncito¨

Looking forward to writing more!

Un saludo desde Madrid




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