It´s December

Wow, do I even have a blog anymore?

Time flies when you are having so much fun.*

Well, I wouldn´t use the word ¨fun¨ to describe my life at the moment. To be honest, I have yet to really, really party. Not even one club has been visited, and every time I have had a sip of alcohol this year, I have vomited. Make that 3. It´s funny because the last time I was here in Spain I was an alcohol virgin but never had any problems after drinking.

No, fun isn´t the word. ¨Content¨ and ¨satisfied¨, maybe but not quite. It´s just so much better than that.  Many unexpected things have happened, much of which can´t be shared…. And this has partially scared me from blogging. Some day when the time is right, I will talk about it.

I feel like it is taking a toll on my health. This is the second time that I have gotten sick…And it´s an unfortunate timing because it is a 4-day weekend. While the classmates are out and about in Spain and in Europe, I am in my bathrobe and coughing away. It is also that  time of the month, when everything hurts and a woman becomes especially vulnerable and emotional…and the worst thing one can do is spending time inside with one´s own thoughts…

Will be back to blogging when I can think more clearly.



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