Update: 1st Month Update

Pues, nada…

I´ve become one of those bloggers who forgot she has a blog.

Actually, it´s more like I´m one of those auxiliar de conversación whose school is too far away but is too stubborn not to live in the center. And as I would have it, I spent almost 4 hours everyday commuting.

Pero vale la pena.

The apartment I found is rather unusual. Yes, it is hostel-like, but there is a private bathroom so I´m rather content with it. Now if only the wifi in my part of the place would fucking start functioning, that would be great. I don´t get why it is taking more than a month to fix such a simple problem.

As for the roommates, all was well til one of them bring in a boy – while I was sitting in the common because the wifi in my room wouldn´t fucking work. Ah, I forgot to mention that some pathetic trash duplicated my cards and used them in the US. So, of course I had to cancel the cards and was left with little money… Many transfers later, I am still broke and living precariously.

On the bright side, I am fairly content with work and school (more on this later). I also went to my very first race – it was surreal.

That´s it for now. My brain is tired.




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