I remember feeling frustrated following some blogs that never post anything, but I get it now. I get it.

It’s been the most eventful week. I spent most of my time looking out rather than in. Setting up a new life will that to you, I suppose.

But it’s better late than never. Here is my attempt to recount what has happened in the past few days:

  • Wednesday, Sept. 2: Thanks to the existence of social media, I was able to get in touch with the other students in the program before even meeting them. A few of us agreed to meet for lunch at, of course, Puerta del Sol. As emblematic (and touristy as hell) this site is, I couldn’t spot my fellow classmates despite the fact that the were specific about the meeting point: under the horse. But what horse? There wasn’t just horse statue, I thought, but King Charles III mounting his stallion. Was I in the right place? Did they mean bear? Desperate times called for desperate thoughts. After deciding that it had to be by the ¨horse¨ statue and not a bear one, I decided to sit down by the fountain where I could have a clear view of the statue. Alas, the walls around the fountain were a bit too low for my liking, so I may have exposed too much than I would have like in that light sun dress. Sigh. To avoid being too much of a ghastly sight, I put my knees down as close the the ground as possible. If you happened to see some foreigner sitting awkwardly by the fountain last week, it was probably me. Not long after I sat down, I spotted my classmates – but at the most unfortunate timing. As I got up, some guy who was sitting next to me asked me what time it was. I ignored him for a few seconds as I walked towards my group before replying ¨Dos y veinticuatro¨ but let’s face it, he didn’t care what time it was. Oh well, maybe next time. Anyway, I joined my group of eight and we walked to ¨El Museo de Jamón¨ because a girl said she missed the place. But once we got there, only 2 of us had food while the rest was standing around the bar for an hour. Everybody got either a beer, sangria, or tinto verano, except me. Coca cola is the way to go. Later, the two girls who had lunch decided to leave. So I suggested to the remaining that we go to a cafe in Malasaña, but another girl proposed a much better idea: going up to El Corte Inglés where we can have both food and a view of Madrid from above. I of course had checked this place out last year, and again on the day I had arrived this year, but I wouldn’t get tired of the view too easily so there we went. I was pleasantly surprised that the food was cheaper than I thought. I had two excellent mini burgers for 4 euros. What was expensive was the darned bottled water. We were there for a while and I really liked the people there. Afterwards, four of us went to the tobacco shop where I got my abono card. While 2 people were waiting in line, a girl and I went to a ¨locutorio¨ shop to make some copies. On our way back, she remembered that she forgot her password so we went back to get it. Later, once the two got their abonos, the three remaining of us went to Atocha Renfe to figure out how to get to the university and decided to meet up early next morning.
  • Thursday, Sept. 3

Wow, I’m already tired of typing. I’ll start again tomorrow hahahaha


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