Saludos, from Spain

I should’ve wrote more, before I came to Spain and right after I got here. But I didn’t. Live goes on.

It has been an EVENTFUL weekend, to say the least.

I got to Madrid last week, spent the first night here, and left for a 6:40 train straight to Lleida. I stayed in a small village with a friend and had my very first ¨Festa Major¨ experience. I swear it should be a scene in the movie ¨Ochos Apellidos Catalanes¨. There, I had snail and rabbit for the first time… I also sat close to this lady who kept staring and smiling my way. She couldn’t wait to talk to me, in Catalan of course, and said that she has a daughter in law from my country of origin… Mind you, this is the tiniest town in East Catalunya. Crazy how small the world is sometimes.

On Saturday night, I went to a dirttrack event…and my favorite athlete whom I always rave about was also there. I actually got to meet him later that night at the bar. He was very friendly in person, especially to a girl in shock who couldn’t talk or remember her phone’s password. My friend managed to snapped a photo for a shell-shock me. Hahaha.

Life is crazy.



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