24 Minutes of Venting

It’s 2:16 in the morning, 24 minutes before the MotoGP sessions start. It’s so difficult to keep up with my favorite sports here; the time zones have never been kind on this poor soul.

(I should add that I’m sorry if you have been offended by this post, but nah.)

With 30-something more days to go until I leave for Spain, I am trying to not to lose my mind and do as much research as possible. Lately, I’ve been aggressively following the tag #AuxiliardeConversación like there’s no tomorrow…only to feel even more frustrated – because most of them don’t really apply to me, especially the visa process.

How amazing it must have been to live in a bubble of a privileged passport, the one that doesn’t require you to apply for a visa every damn time that you enter a country. But it seems to backfire for most people, based on how clueless they become when it’s time to actually obtain the paperwork. How do you like immigration now?

There is this thing called Google that people don’t seem to use. I’ve seen posts like ¨With whom do we contact to get the visa?¨. ……… SERIOUSLY? It was beyond depressing to see.

This is the time when I especially appreciate my third world roots, holding a passport that has been frowned upon. Therefore, bureaucracy may not be a best friend of mine, but at least it’s not a complete stranger.

Although none of the blogs are applicable for my circumstances, I still find many of them helpful. Though I will admit it gets on my nerves to see how stereotypical and general they are. At one point, they all become a blur. Same old, same old expat stories. Teaching, food, drinks, trips (mostly Barcelona, France, or Italy. Pleeeeease.) blah blah blah blah.

That’s it for now. The race is about to start. Hopefully Marc Márquez will be back in his winning ways today.



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