Todo Listo…o no?

Visa, received. Flight, purchased.

Now I wait.

As mentioned in my last post, I am to discuss my school placement today.

I was hoping to score a school in the middle of the city, but nooooooooo. I have been placed almost 2 hours away in a teeny-tiny town.

I’m still trying to decide where I would want to live…

On Friday nights, I would have to attend my own classes, which is also outside of the city, but in a different direction…

Hopefully they are sensible enough to not schedule me to work on Friday because there’s no way I could make it to class in time.

And so I believe that the best place I should (and want to) live is in the center.

My apartment search has been futile. Many of the listings are only for the summer months. I think it’s too soon to search.

The thing is, I need to get a phone, and I don’t know if I need to have an address first before I could buy one.

Also, I need to get the abono joven for the monthly metro transportation within Madrid. I would like to get a tarjeta joven for the long distance Renfe trains as well….But of course I need to have an address first. Sigh.

Any tips, comments, suggestions would be helpful!



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