Recap on 2nd Day as a 21-Yr-Old

This post is going to take a long time to type…

At the moment, my left arm rested by my side like it just gave up on life. I didn’t know that donating blood would hurt this much. The wound itself doesn’t hurt too badly; it’s the bandage that did the manage. I had to have it on for hours after the donation to slow down the circulation/preventing to the vein to open up again. My arm is still so damn numb even after I took the bandage off. I have yet to look at the would though; it hurts to take off the band-aid. What’s funny was that my finger hurts more for the blood testing.

Before the blood drawing, I had to sit and answer a bunch of questions…or more like saying no for 20 times. The question ¨Have you had any sexual contact in the last … months¨ almost had me laughing out loud though.

It was just so sad it’s funny.

Another question was if I had traveled within the last year… This question was just sad. The fact that I haven’t had traveled since I left Spain last summer was depressing.

I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to donate because I was in Spain during the Ebola breakout… Scary to think back about it. Exchanging bodily fluids with strangers (or anyone, really) was not the best idea. For obvious reasons. But do I regret it? Not really. Will I do it again? Not sure. I need to figure out a balance of having fun and being a responsible adult. I’m going to be someone’s teacher next year, so I should set a good example. I’m praying I won’t run into my students at discotecas. Givem my school placement being sooooo far away from Madrid, the chances are low, but you never know.

I also went to have dinner alone…That was my celebration. And it dawned on me that I could order alcohol now if I wanted to, but of course I didn’t because I had to drive. It was already dangerous enough driving with one arm.

I suppose in the next post I could talk about my school placement.

Until then,



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