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It’s 1:39 AM, so this should be short and sweet.

I’ve decided to get serious with the online classes I’ve signed up on Coursera, and ended up registering for more. Most of them are education-relationed…because I’m going to be a teacher soon and I know nothing about the field.

Parece que he dejado de estudiar el castellano después de graduarme. Muy mala la idea. Ahora hay que empezar de nuevo, y por eso busqué una clase en castellano…Es de una universidad chilena y joder, como me cuesta entender el acento del profesor jajajajaja No pasa nada, mejoraré.

On an unrelated note, I seems to run into the phrase ¨Y tal¨ so much lately, and I don’t know how to use it. Apparently it means something like ¨and such¨, ¨and so forth¨…but some people seem to add it to the end of every darn sentence. I deem it unnecessary, like the word ¨apparently¨ in English. Oh, well.



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