Almost Set for the Visa

Having the experience of dealing with bureaucracy nationally and internationally, I knew I had to start the visa process early. I spent the last few months getting all the paperwork ready. Now I am only waiting for one letter from Spain and I will be set for the visa application.

Or so I thought.

It slipped my mind to do the most important thing first: book a visa appointment.

I originally planned to book the appointment once I receive the letter from Spain. But last week, something got into my mind that made me check for an availability. So I went on the website at the end of May and found that the next open slot is in August. Yes, AUGUST.

Just like that, all of my fun summer plans faded away.

I couldn’t believe I made such a rookie’s mistake, but lo hecho está hecho.

Looking at the glass half full, I can probably still make it to the orientation in time, despite cutting it super close. I just have to make sure that there is absolutely no mistakes when it comes to the paperwork.

What concerns me is that I can’t book a return flight yet because it is too early. The latest date available is April of next year, but I will need a ticket for June. I suppose the delay for the appointment is not too bad after all.

Another thing that should concern me more than missing out on the fun in the sun and getting with some summer flings is finding an apartment. I am worried that all of the apartments (that I have been researching on for weeks) will be gone by the time I get there. Hopefully I am just melodramatic. It’s not like every single apartment will be taken by September… Right?

I can also use this time to enjoy the last bit of stability (of the same old predictable and boring life doing nothing but the part-time job I hate so much). Because once I leave, nothing will ever be the same again.

I’m counting down towards the day that I dive into the unknown.



3 thoughts on “Almost Set for the Visa”

  1. There will be a ton of apartments to choose from in Spain in September, and it’s best you don’t choose a place without seeing it as there are all kinds of problems the photos won’t show. The unknown is scary but usually worth it.

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