Misplaced & Waiting

Not sure how but I have started going to bed at 6pm for the past few days. I suppose you can say I am unintentionally running on a Spanish schedule.

It’s so easy to waste time here, staying inside all day. When not inside, you bet I would be driving somewhere – either to work or to the grocery store. Here, it’s not possible nor safe to walk. Everything is located so far apart from each other. It’s inconvenient…and just plain ugly.

Since I have been up since midnight (6am in Spain), I was quick to open an email from Spain. I’ve been checking my email every 15 minutes, to say the least. The email said that school placements were being assigned yesterday, so I should be hearing about where I will be teaching soon.

Of course it wasn’t much of an update, but it’s something. These little pieces of information keep me going. Well, barely.

How can one person deal with so much waiting in this life, I don’t get myself.

Meanwhile, I am also waiting for three fundamental documents so I can apply for the student visa. Sigh.

It was promised that I will find out about the school placement by the end of May… I hope that will come soon; I need to figure out where I’m going to live.



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