In short, I graduated on Sunday.

It was only a symbolic ceremony, really. The final grades hadn’t even come out at the time. A soul or two that attended the ceremony may not actually have graduated.

This morning, the final grades were released. I had finished strong… Solid A’s for all of my classes (Intro to Catalan 2, Spanish Bilingualism, Research Methods in Bilingualism, and Senior Research Seminar in International Studies).

My GPA didn’t even go up that much. It remained at 3.77, meaning I graduated a Cum Laude, with honors.

As much as school has made me wished that I had chosen to live in a forest, get married and be a rich man’s trophy wife, or become a stripper, I miss it. Life seems empty without learning. I’m just killing my muscles and brain cells away working manual labor. (Seriously, I think I took 5 years of life away from my feet for standing for 8-9 damn hours everyday).

And so I have enrolled in 4 online courses. One of which being Time Management by Univ of California at Irvine. The other three are all teaching-related.

Oh, I should mention: I have been accepted into a grad school in Spain to pursue International Education, where I will also be completing a teaching internship,,, So I need to learn now as much as I can. I’m especially excited about the “Surviving Your Rookie Year”.

We’ll see how things go.



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