Another Post-College Day of a (Former) Part-Timer

Today on the uninteresting life of a lowly sales associate….

I feel like this is quickly becoming a blog of a diary, seeing that I have so much free time now.

Today feels like another uneventful day: just work. But who would have guessed that work itself has been packed with its pathetic drama? It’s just downright sad.

It wasn’t the first time that a co-worker called me out in front of a customer. I had been letting it go since I really don’t want to look like an idiot in front of a customer – it’s beyond being unprofessional. But today, she has gone too far, ironically calling me rude with such an unacceptable tone (because she didn’t like that I asked the new co-worker to return to the register after she came back from break)… I couldn’t stop myself from telling her “It’s none of your business” soon enough. Oops. Stupid me. I shouldn’t have lowered myself to her level.

Perhaps it’s due to my easy-going, joke-loving personality that makes her think that she could say anything to me and I will stand it, that we are actually friends. Big mistake. I suppose I need to keep my distance from now on and only deal with everyone on a professional level.

After the brief argument, I just walked away. I’m just done dealing with her. If she starts with me again, I will excuse myself and go on about doing my job.

So later, she went to lunch at the same time as her co-worker (read BFF), leaving the floor understaffed… Funny she had the nerve to be unhappy about the new sales associate taking another 15-minute break even though she had already taken an hour break. Tough luck, she has no right to judge after breaking the rule her self.

There is a saying in my native language -“A cow with a wounded back” – referring to someone who has done something wrong and therefore carries the wound (metaphorically referred to a defect), so he/she has to be extra cautious of what he/she does because there is a fear that someone could notice the defect (or the wrong-doing); so this is too say she can’t judge or report the new associate because she herself has been breaking the rules this whole time.

So that’s all she is, a cow with a wounded back.

The saddest part is there is never a consequence…So most people do as they wish without being punished. Ever.

And so I was left looking over four registers – aka mission impossible.

I’m tired of being taken advantage of, on top of working this already physically-demanding job and dealing with short-tempered customers and managers.

…That’s that for a day in the life of a former college student waiting for her day to come so she can leave to continue her education in a faraway place.


I have gone through this before: spending the first part of the summer break doing nothing but working before I could head off to Spain. Last time, I was very much agitated to the point of going insane from all the waiting. This time…

Regrettably, this time I am not feeling the same anxiety; I’m not feeling anything much. I just realized today that I have not been doing my normal countdown – which is scary, because it signifies that there is a lack of enthusiasm….

Even scarier still is that, as much as I want to count down, I don’t know where to begin or what date I should look forward to. I can’t do anything until a state agency apostille and mail me back a letter from my univ (confirming that I will be graduating since I won’t get my diploma 8 weeks after graduation) so I can mail it to the grad school, so the grad school can mail an official acceptance letter to me, so I can use this letter to apply the visa, so I can request a background check and a health clearance form.

Well, I’ll be skipping steps here and go get a health clearance form this Thursday and make an appointment for another document for the visa. Sigh.

At least I’m taking small steps forward so I can leave as soon as possible. Life’s too short to be stuck in this hopeless place.



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