A Closing Chapter

All those years spent dreaming about “the day” are coming to an end. I attended my last undergraduate class last Wednesday, and it was surreal walking around campus. To think that it was the last time that I get to enjoy my privileges as a college student made me a little dizzy.

I also picked up my cap and gown from the bookstore…making it the last time that I had to visit that place of a total rip off. I decided to pay an extra 15 dollars for the honors cord, which is ridiculous considering that I earn the darn GPA. The least they can do is give this Cum Laude a free honor cord, but no. It’s college, not Utopia.

Instead of properly storing the graduation gown, I took it out of the bag and hang it on the closet door. The cap is laying down on a box somewhere. Meanwhile, the bag the cap and gown came in is on the floor inside the closet. I’m not ready to go through the bag and deal with the reality just yet.

Funny, isn’t it? I have always waited for this moment and now that it’s here, I’m hesitant and overwhelmed…Scared, even.

It’s impossible to describe how I feel.

Everything is revolving around me in what I can describe as a blur. I’m not sure what is happening and what will happen, but I know that life will never be the same again.

So here I am, typing away and exhausted from standing on my feet for 8 hours. Oh, I should add that I am practically working full-time now, instead of part-time. Same place, more hours, forever understaffed. It’s a damn miracle to have three people working the entire department, looking over 8 registers and 30 dressing rooms. Usually we only have two people closing. It’s so physically demanding. Of course, you’re not allowed to sit. If you’re working under 6 hours, you get a fifteen-minute break. If more (like today, from noon to 9pm), you get an hour-break…I’m not going to get into details of dealing with some pathetic customers here and there (who always win, despite their lack of logic and manners) and managers who underestimate my level of intelligence (telling me the same thing over and over everyday). All in all, the job has given the best anger management classes I could ever ask for. Now that it’s my only job, I have to be even more low-key and give the best customer service even though sometimes it contradicts common sense and self-respect…. Some customer did turn in a survey saying that I was “very kind and enthusiastic” so I guess it is working. Little did they know I have been dying on the inside.

The things that keep me going are what I imagine to be waiting for me in Spain, especially in the near summer. Some carefree days in Mallorca, some adventurous mornings exploring remote towns in Lleida, some shopping spree afternoons in Madrid, some crazy nights out in Barcelona, etc., etc.

To be more exact, I plan to fly to Madrid and rest a few days before heading to Barcelona, where I plan to spend a whole month there… The last time I was there was only five days and I didn’t like the city one bit (See why). I wanted to be sure that my first impression was misleading enough, that I will get to know the city more and come to like it, that one day I could see myself living there, that maybe I will run into “him” again… It’s like I have so much unfinished business with the city.

But I digressed. Anyway, while in BCN, I plan to visit my people in Lleida and join the Fan Club again for race weekends. Can’t wait to see everyone again; they are seriously the most warm and welcoming people I have ever met. Also while in BCN, I want to make mini trips to Sitges and Terragona as well, so we will see.

At the end of August, I will probably fly out to my most favorite place ever (other than my hometown/home country), a magical island called Mallorca. I feel like I have seen most of this city than anywhere else in Spain but I still want to go back. Es que cuando estoy alli, no hay otro lugar (this alone deserves its own post, but more to come later). I’m looking forward to go outside of Palma – most likely Soller and Deia 🙂

After a week or so in Mallorca, I will most likely fly into Valencia and spend a few days there before coming back to Madrid, where the intense apartment hunting will begin and the Master’s classes kick off.

Hmmm, I made this post to talk about graduating but looks like the large portion of it was spent discussing my summer plans. Oh well, you can tell which I’m more excited about.

But that’s it for now. Things should remain uninteresting in the next few months, as I will be doing nothing but working.

Do realize, though, that it doesn’t mean less blogging. If anything, it’s the opposite.




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