Lazy Saturday

The last time I had a Saturday off was….so long ago I don’t remember. I’m not the one to call off work but I feel like today I need to. Can’t stand on my feet for hours while I’m sick like this, nope.

Ok, maybe I can – if I wanted to.

The good news is, I got a raise…of 40 something cents. Yay. I’m overjoyed. To think that my manual labor and dignity are worth less than 10 bucks per hour is a real treat. Bad news is, I’ll be stuck here doing this job almost full time after graduation until I can find the date and time to leave for Spain… but as they say, vale la pena.

The week to come is action-packed. I really need to mentally prepare for what’s to come and be with myself…as well as start writing that research paper.

First of all, El Clásico is tomorrow. I’ve already asked a fellow co-worker to take my shift, but I feel like if I work today, I will only get sicker and be even more miserable watching the game. So this sickness has come to me in the most opportune time. Thank you, germs that are going around and getting people sick at the university.

Then on Thursday, the new season of MotoGP starts. I cannot wait to see my favorite rider on the track again. Hopefully I will get to go see the races this year in person…

Also on Thursday, I will find out whether or not I have been accepted into a program. I’m trying hard to stay grounded and be realistic. If I get it, great. If I don’t, well, I already have Plan B & C. I just need to know so I could move forward aka get all the documents ready for the visa (read: getting a fingerprint, background check, passport photos, medical clearance, etc, etc,)

Thursday, please be here soon.



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