At the Crossroad

For the past 9 years, I have been living life by counting down and wishing ¨the day¨ will be here soon. Not much memories were made, and even fewer were captured. Everything has always been a blur that will disappear only in a matter of time.

Do I regret it? Regrettably, not entirely.

I hate it here and I hate everything about it. But I must add there is nothing particularly wrong with it at all, it is just not what I want. Unfortunately, I have grown accustomed to the way things are that it would be ¨easier¨ to stay. Realizing that makes me hate myself.

So I am at the crossroad where the street forks into three ways. Once I choose to walk down a path, it is very likely that the roads will not be joined again.

I can choose to stay in the ¨comfortable¨ present, return to the place of the past, or dive into the unknown in the future.

I think I know what to choose.


2 thoughts on “At the Crossroad”

  1. hi Brisa Libre (a beautiful name by the way), i had not any idea of your blog, in fact i saw you thanks to another blog where you liked a comment of mine…..i have read your blog a couple of times since then.

    it is great that you love Spain (it makes feel proud of my country)..where are you from? it seems that you had to leave a country to go to the USA as you say.

    anyways i like the way you write, unlike other bloggers who only talk about trips or things that are sponsorised, etc..well whether you come to Spain or nor i hope that you continue bringing good blog posts….i did enjoy one about a guy on the plane sit next to you, haha

    1. Hi Pedro! Thanks for the kind comment. I’ve enjoyed writing this blog (as I have said before, it helps keep me from going crazy from all the counting down I do on a daily basis) and intend to keep up with it. I love Spain so much that I’ll do whatever it takes to go there again this year, and this time to stay a little longer. As for my country of origin… I may or may not reveal that later on because I want to keep focus on the present and not allow the things that have defined me at birth interfere with my writing (but don’t get me wrong, I love my country more than anything and would choose it over the US any day). Your comment about the guy on the plane made me laugh! Never thought someone would stumble onto such an embarrassing post hahahaha Ya nos hablaremos

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