I just applied to teach English in Spain a few days ago. So I’ve been checking my e-mail every half an hour for a response.

I am expecting (praying, hoping, begging – call it what you will) to be selected for an interview. From what I’ve read on another blog, about 800 out of a 1,000 of those applied were actually selected for an interview, and 200 of those interviewed were actually wait-listed…And only a hundred something of spots were left open for the wait-listed….

I want this so much I cannot even put it in words on how important this is for me…

Looks like it is the first time in the program’s history that they are offering positions in Catalunya… Needless to say, I picked Barcelona and Lérida as 2 out of the 4 of my preferences. Been there and loved it (ok, not so much BCN but it’s complicated, I’ll explain later).

The other 2 preferences go to, what do I call my heart and my soulmate, respectively: Madrid and the Balearic Islands.

I would looooooooooooooove to live in Madrid or Mallorca…

I’m so nervous and scared to the core.

I’ll probably hear back by February if I would be selected for an interview or not… I should know for sure if they select me to be a part of the program by May.

It seems so far away.

I wish this last semester of college would end. Quick.



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