Unexpectations from Barcelona

I really need to get back to blogging… It’s been a loooooong while but here I am. Let’s start small for now. I’ll keep it short.

After spending almost a week in the oh-so-popular city of Barcelona, I came to realize that it was not the city for me. Months later I am still trying to understand why the world seems to be in love with this town so much. Granted, I am willing to give it another go, even though I will not likely get over the ¨unexpectations¨ noteworthy of mentioning. So here it goes:


…the city to be so empty. Many times I find myself alone in the street even though I stayed in the ¨center¨. I guess the real residents went on vacation. But there were (too) many tourists in, well, touristy places.

…that a large portion of the town feels like it’s the ¨center¨ of the city (For the record, I stayed in a hostal on Carrer Girona)

…that the streets are actually not that well lit.

…half of the world’s population to be at the Magic Fountain. It was too crowded to enjoy the show.

…that you have to wave for the bus to stop even though you were clearly waiting…at the ¨bus stop¨

…a male janitor present in the ladies’ room at Sants Station, cleaning and assisting me with my luggage. It was nice, but it was…new.

…the menus to be entire in Catalan… As a result, I had too many ¨pollastre¨

…that beggars are allowed to roam the Sants Station

…that the Metro Line 4 was closed for maintenance!

…to find myself waiting for the metro by myself too many times.

…that the metro was that easy to use

But like I said, I will give the city a second try! I can’t wait to go back.



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