A Memory from Malaga

Recently, I was hired to be an intern. I was asked to submit a favorite memory from studying abroad and I would like to take an opportunity to share it on my blog as well. Cheers.

     “Studying abroad in Malaga has made the summer of 2014 one to remember. One of my most favorite memories is the day that I became a 20-year-old. It was a typical  bright and breezy summer day on the Mediterranean Coast. The sky over this Andalusian city has been described by Pablo Picasso to have the prettiest shade of blue. Although I agree with the city’s most famous son, I do not want to undermine the  beauty of nocturnal Malaga. At night, the city begins to breath long and deep as its atmosphere becomes even more relaxed and time seems to stand still.
14725685396_d1dc519fa8_o     But I realized the night would be over before I knew it. I intended to make the most of my last minutes of being a teenager, so I had a special plan in mind.
     Sometimes the best way to appreciate something is to step back and watch it from a distance, well, in this case – height. At 10 o’clock, my friends and I met at Plaza de Marina in front of AC Hotel Malaga Palacio to go up the terrace. The hotel is the tallest structure near the beach, as well as the most sophisticated. I had read somewhere before even coming to Malaga that Real Madrid would spend the night at this place whenever they have a match in town. If it’s good for the most profitable soccer team in the world, it would probably be good enough for me, too.
     Walking into luxurious hotel is not something I am accustomed to. If I was at home in the States, I would not even dream of stepping a foot near this kind of place. But the point is not to enjoy all the glam and glory: it is about getting out of your comfort zone and doing something that new that you would not have the opportunity do at home. So up the elevator we went.
     The view from the rooftop was priceless. The city below glow, but nothing could outshine “La Manquita”. This cathedral had become my north star whenever I got lost in the ancient winding streets, so I became quite fond of it. Seeing it even closer and higher off of the ground took my breath away.
     The rooftop has a bar that was open to the public, but unfortunately the prices were a little too high for us college students. We ended up not getting anything. I noticed some of my friends’ discomfort and decided that maybe it was time to leave the terrace.
     Yes, it was a rather bold of me to do to go up to the rooftop bar without even ordering anything; but I do not regret my decision at all. The unforgettable view of nocturnal Malaga from above was worth the trouble and is the best birthday gift one could ask for.”

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