It’s almost November, meaning time to apply for the job that I want. I’ve heard it is super competitive…so we’ll see where this is going.

I will hear back if I had been hired in May. Yes, May, after graduation…

Meanwhile, I am juggling the three jobs on top of 5 classes. It’s not going to well. I need to manage my time better.

Elsewhere, the youngest world champ of a certain sport just successfully defended his title before the season is even over. Only one more round to go, but before that, he visited my hometown and I died of jealousy.

I still have to turn in my most memorable experience from study abroad. It’s totally impossible to choose just one.

As for my Spanish Composition class, I got 100 on an essay about “the craziest thing you’ve ever done”… Needless to say it was a lie.

Anyway, it looks like this will be another sleepless night.

6 months and 2 days to go til graduation… I want out.

People have been telling me how to live my life. Little did they know that they just got themselves out of my life.

Oh well, it goes on.