Most Favorite Place in Spain


I’m scared to write this post.

I want to keep this town unspoiled, tucked away in the middle of the Catalan plains, far from the tourists whose destination stops at the feet of Barcelona.

More importantly, I want to help protect the privacy of a certain world-famous athlete. Yes, I’ve written about him before, but that was before I knew how close I would get into his circle.

Now, let me just say that I don’t know the guy. I’ve never met him personally, but I’ve always been a big fan. When I heard that there will be an exhibition in the museum in his hometown, I knew that I HAD to go. It’s the number one on my to-do list after finishing the study abroad program.

After completing my summer Spanish classes in Malaga, I made my way up the Mediterranean coast. First to the island of Mallorca, then Barcelona, Girona, and then finally to this town, which I came to call my “Catalan hometown”…

Three hours away from Barcelona, my little hideaway is absolutely in the middle of nowhere. The town is situated on a hill, overlooking the olive-green plains as stretched out as the eyes can see. As for the town itself, it is surrounded by some ancient wall. Everything, EVERYTHING is in walking distance. As I was told, there are only about two thousand people living there. Such sweet people they are.

They will greet you in the street with a smile, they will wish you an “Aproveche” when they walk by your table during a meal, they are willing to stop and talk about their hometown hero.

Some will be more friendly than they should be. Occasionally, a man will whisper “Guapa” as you walk by (meaning “pretty” or “beautiful” in Spanish”). Some will say “Buenas dias” and catcall when you walk pass their cars. Other bold ones may follow you around for a bit… But no harm has been done…and I felt generally very safe. (Note: these were less than 5 of these incidents within an almost 2 weeks period). It was unlike other Catalan towns that I had been to… Pretty sure it was the only town that I had received flirtatious comments, which, in all guilty honesty, I do not mind at all.

Still, there are people who are even more friendly. Well, to me, at least. They treated me like family. But that’s along story. More details later.

I miss the town so much. Not a day goes by without me wanting to go back.



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