Getting It Off My Chest

As usual, I tend to disregard my emotions and desires that are a hindrance to my everyday college life. Specifically speaking, I avoid discussing these emotions. But in reality, they all that I feel, and they are getting in the way of enjoying “the best years” of your life.

But I hate, hate, hate, hate, H-A-T-E being told how to live. You don’t know my life, you can’t speak for me.

If asked if I am happy, my answer is simple: hell, no.

I’m not doing what I want to do nor being where I want to be. Just forced to be here and doing what I do.

Travelling has taught me to take risks. It gave me a taste of how rewarding it is to go after what you want, that there is no time to waste to be stuck with what you don’t want. Life is short and the world is big. Why stay here when you could be elsewhere?

I’m not going to take it to the extreme and just quit college. Yes, I’m a coward.

I will endure another year of this torture. Well, 7 months more to be exact. May 2015 can’t be here soon enough.

Where did I ever get these crazy ideas from? Well, they have been inherent within me for a while, but, like I said, they have intensified after doing some solo travelling, and crystallized after meeting someone on my flight back from Spain.

Sigh, I guess the time to continue my “Oh Boys…from Spain” series, even though this one is not even Spanish, he is easily the most unforgettable.

Until then.



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