Ya No Puedo Mas

I can’t do it anymore.

I can’t go on like this anymore. I can’t spend every minute thinking about someone that I’m never going to meet again. We may have met by chance, but separated by fate.

Oh, bullshit.

If he had wished to stay in contact, it could be easily done. But nope. He never asked.

I could have been the one to take initiative, but I refused to do so due to some stupid and outdated cultural protocol of being “ladylike”. But after doing what we did, I can’t help but ask myself why the hell do I even care about being reserved anymore. That ship was sailed.

I had enjoyed his wise words, his humor, his wisdom, his caresses, his kisses, and his company. It felt good to be by his side, even for a little while…

It’s been a month – a torturous month. It needs to stop.

It needs to stop. I’m just going to drop it now. But some day, when I am stronger, I will come back to talk about him again…It’s the least I can do to give a warning, because his type is dangerous to women everywhere.



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