Future To Be Decided

How…how to begin this post???

My much anticipated study abroad trip was over. I was going to make my way “home” this Thursday.

I was…

But I have moved my flight back… probably for the silliest reason.

I’m here in Cervera, a little town in Catalonia’s province of Lleida – and home to the 2013 MotoGP World Champion’s Marc Marquez.

Last winter, I became a member of his Official Fan Club here… What’s the benefit? Well, I can enter his exhibition in Cervera for 1 euro instead of 3. Which I did.

I watched the Indy in a restaurant with the rest of the fan club on Sunday, and there I saw his uncle, who was the president of the Fan Club that mailed me my Fan Club kit (necklace, t-shirt, and membership card) all the way from Cervera to Florida…

So let me back track a little bit.

Last Thursday, I took a train from Barcelona’s Sants station to come here. I stayed at the hostal above the restaurant (where the fan club meets to watch the Grand Prix). I didn’t do much on the day of my arrival, since I got here in the evening and I was super tired. On Friday, I woke up rather late and left the room around 11 or noon (which quickly became a pattern for my solo travel adventures…) and went for a walk. I intended to go to his exhibition right away, but the open air market distracted me. Venders set up their temporary “shops” every Friday here. Fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, clothes, shoes, jewelry – you name it. All of this stood in my way to the museum and boy did I spend too much time there. I finally broke down and bought a pair of shoes for 6 euros and a ring for a euro. By the time I was done, it was close to the time that the museum will close for the afternoon. The empty stomach and two o’clock sun pulled me away, so I headed back towards my hostal, hoping that there would food nearby. No luck. So when I saw a restaurant around a corner, I just turned without caring what kind of food it offered. There was a car parking there. With a quick glance I saw a pretty good-looking man in the passenger sheet, who seemed to be watching me cautiously. So I kept my gaze on the sidewalk, and the driver said hello as I walked by… Something along the line of good morning, good-looking. Yep, another catcall…which is actually rare in this part of the country, so I was really surprised. Anyway, I hurried into the empty restaurant – which is Arabian (I’m guessing Morroccan), so I ordered a “spicy” chicken wrap to go. Thank goodness that that car already left when I got out. As hungry as I was, I made another stop at a store to buy soap… So with soap and chicken wrap in my hand, I continued walking toward my hostal. I looked up from the sidewalk and glanced at the hostal’s building when I saw an elderly gentleman walking the opposite direction. He looked strangely familiar and no, it couldn’t have been Marc Marquez’s grandpa. No way.

It was.

So I stopped him and asked if he was Marc’s grandpa. Of course, he replied proudly. I introduced myself and told him where I’m from and that I’m here to watch the race. He showed me his hat (the grandson’s merchandise) and asked if I have one. I said no, but I have the fan club’s t-shirt. Then I asked him if he lives around there, he said no, he lives up the hill… And I asked him for picture…a selfie, to be exact. And got it.

Anyway, back to the evening of the Sunday’s race. I looked for Marc’s uncle for a selfie after the race, but he was nowhere to be found. So I exited the restaurant and walked around to the back to go up to my room…but there were so many people standing in the way… Let’s just have another walk in the neighborhood – the last one – I thought. So I just went around the block and came back. I was about to take the elevator up, when his uncle walked by… Of course, I stopped him. And asked for a selfie. And got it.

We talked a little bit, if I went to the museum, my travels, etc. etc. Then he invited me to have dinner with the fan club… Long story short, Marc Marquez’s mom walked in. And I freaked the heck out.

Ok, let’s get back to some serious stuff.

At the restaurant, I met a friend of Marc Marquez’s mom…who talked about having me over at her house to help with her son’s English. So I’m sitting here, pondering about future.

Technically, I can graduate this semester – which is what I had originally plan, anyway. However, last semester, I planned to stay a semester longer so I can take advantage of the scholarship and study Catalan. Also, it would make no sense to graduate early if I wanted to come back to Spain to teach English with a program that will start in September.

Now I’m not sure anymore.

So here is my new plan:

As much as I want to come back asap, I should come back in September, after applying for the legit English-teaching program. That way, I would have options. And instead of staying an extra semester in Catalan, I should apply for a master’s. It’s going to cost a fortune…but if I continue to work and use my scholarship towards that, I might be able to afford it. My university offers a 10-months program…

Oh wait, never mind. The deadline for the application has already passed. Damn.

Ok, let’s see what options I have:

1. Stay with the plan and graduate in Spring. Then apply for the English-teaching programs OR just come to Cervera and stay with the family and then find other ways to earn money….
2. Just graduate…and come here in December.
3. Just graduate…and find something to do in the meantime, then apply to become a Language assistant.
-Options for “doing something”
-Stay in the same town and work the same manual labor job/find more jobs and save money.
-Go to my hometown an ocean away for a few weeks?
-Find an actual job.
-Find an internship…And a part-time job.
4. Find a way to get a master’s in Spain.

The most important question is “What do I want?”

It’s also the most difficult to answer…

I would want to come back here, but jeez…the visa process could be complicated, unless I have a legit contract.

There’s the ideal situation and then there’s reality.

I was going to write more but damn my head hurts.

We’ll continue soon.


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