Un saludo desde Madrid

Buenas noches!!!! Straight from Madrid.

I will try my best to ensure that this post makes sense as my eyes are threatening to shut.

I was so excited to be here that I couldn’t sleep that well the couple of days before the take-off.

So here I am, typing away. Before recounting what happens. Allow me to give you the feel of the present.

My laptop is connected to a European adapter. I’m not sure if I’m on the most comfortable bed ever or I’m just exhausted. The window, covered by a very transparent garnet drape, is shut but you still hear a bit of the noise from the street. Cars, motocycles, and people making their way to or away from Gran Via. You can say that I am very close to the heart of Madrid.


That’s it I can’t type anymore. I’ll try again tomorrow! Night for now.


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