Blog’s First B-Day & Other Updates

WOW. One year flew by! Happy birthday to my blog!

I remember typing away late one night, determined to keep up with the journey before my study abroad trip. Well, that journey is coming to an end, and an actual one is about to begin!

One week from this very minute, I should be somewhat settled in Madrid. Hopefully, I would know my way around by then…at least about where to get food and other necessities. It shouldn’t be that difficult. If all else fails, El Corte Ingles is less than 200 meters away. It would be 6 am in the morning…. I don’t know if I would be up yet, but I should be wide awake for the MotoGP Free Practice sessions! I’m still figuring out where to watch the races live. I mean, I have the complete video pass that I can just watch on my laptop, but it’d be great if I can join the locals in some sports bars. So far, the only one bar that transmits live races in the morning is in Galicia. Yes, way, waaayyyy up north. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Ah time. I don’t know how much I should spend it watching my very much beloved Marc Marquez live…But a sacrifice will have to be made here.

It’s also true that I’ve dreamt of cheering on the World Champ Spain in some local bars. But as luck would have it, the defending champions are out…in the FIRST round. It’s a huge blow to their pride, but I trust that they will come through… Hey, maybe I’ll even get to meet some of the players. Better yet, I won’t be staying up late too much trying to catch the live World Cup actions in Brazil. Just trying to look at the bright side here.

So a lot have changed in one year. My GPA has descended about .2 points, which is completely my fault as I worked way too much and, well, just plainly procrastinated. My job has also changed me, too, but I’m not sure for the better or for worse. For one, I am less excited to see clothes in general now. (Fear not, I still see sparks fly when I see my favorite Spanish or other European brands). Money has become more precious than ever. I realized how ridiculously difficult it is to earn a couple of hundred dollars: you pretty much have to give all of your energy, patience, manual labor, and some of your arrogance, and also your morals/standards, unfortunately. The work environment is vicious and everyone is out to fend for his/herself. You don’t really know who’s genuine or not. Same goes with the customers. Some people (or should I say thieves?) will try anything to fool you and take what they can. On the other hand, others are unexpectedly nice and understanding. And guess what, most of these people are the ones who admitted to me that they have worked in retail before.

And as I have mentioned in my earlier posts, I am packing not only for the trip, but also for moving out. So much stress! I only have a few days left until the trip… and I still have two more days of work. Sigh. Blame it on the greed.

Good news is I’m leaving soon, and I’m not going to look back. It is very likely that my next post will be written away from “home”.

Spain awaits.




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