Update: Circuit de Catalunya Tour!!!

Because I need to catch Round 6 of MotoGP live tomorrow at 3am, I need to keep this post short. (Oh yeah, I also need to work at noon).

I have been keeping an eye on the tour at the Circuit of Catalunya…and JUST now I found out that they will offer the tour everyday throughout August!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

The reason why I’m ecstatic is that the circuit is rather busy AND picky. June, for instance, only has 3 tour dates! Not surprising, because the next round of MotoGP will take place there in couple of weeks!!! (Vote for Marc Marquez). At that time, I would still be here in the US (I know, boo), but visiting the Marc Marquez’s home circuit will be an invaluable experience for the fans.

The circuit is located about 40 minutes or so outside of Barcelona, in a little town of Montmelo. The only worry I have is that it’s quite a bit of a walk from the train station… I was “walking” to the circuit on Google Map and it looks quite intimidating. Yes, the walk is about half an hour, but I will need to walk alone by the highway that doesn’t look too pedestrian-friendly… along the woods. So, I may opt to taking a couple of buses there after arriving in town. The trip will most likely take me almost a full day, and even though I’m spending only 4 days in Barcelona, I think it will be worth it.

Doing what you love is always worth it. Others may not understand, but that’s probably because they can’t feel the joy that you feel in your chest.

That’s that. Montmelo, here I come!!!!!


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