Lost & Refused to be Guided

How to describe my Wednesday night/Early Thursday morning: molding dreams into something concrete.

It requires some pinching of self to snap into the reality that my dream vacation is only a few weeks away, and that I reaaaally to consolidate my plans.

Once I finish my study abroad program, I will have a week to do whatever I want, when I want, and how I want.

Palma de Mallorca is the first on the list.

Although it is heart-breaking to admit that I can only spend a couple of days in this city, I am excited to come up with a legit itinerary. It has not been easy…since this neat island has SO MUCH to offer.

Like a typical tourist, I started my search on TripAdvisor, which is not the place to go if you want to avoid touristy sights, but where else could a distant foreigner turn to?

Anyway, one of the most highly rated activity is taking a historic train to the little town of Soller. The train looks cute and ancient alright. I can’t help but think about how my deceased grandfather would have enjoyed it. He was a true admirer of trains, considering that he was in the transportation unit for the royal army way back in the day… Yes, he would have loved this excursion very much…

I thought about going on this train for his sake, but I would feel nothing but nostalgic, and, of course, sad… So I have decided to skip this touristy activity and spend more time on the city of Palma itself.

I’m trying to budget my time between sight-seeing, relaxation, shopping, and nightlife. This task may be possible if I put sleep to the side.

The “obvious” must-see sights include the Bellver Castle, the Cathedral Le Seu, Almudaina Palace, and perhaps the Basilica De Sant Francesc…. I’m not even sure about the last one, considering that I’m not religious at all…not even a Catholic. But we’ll see.

As for relaxation, I’m still looking for the best beach on Palma. I know that there are far better beaches further away from the city center, but I’m afraid I won’t have enough time to make the trip. Anyway, if I plan everything out correctly, I might be able to go to a less touristy beach for a couple of hours. Nonetheless, I will drop by the tourists-packed Arenal beach and probably rent a bike. Palma is said to be a cyclist’s paradise, so I can’t miss this opportunity.

Despite the fact that I am in desperate need of countless hours of shopping, I will try to contain myself and not go insane. Since Mallorca is famous for its shoes, I will have to check them out. With that said, I will need to find further info about which district I need to go to that has a great variety of shops and an excellent quality of goods at reasonable prices (do such things exist?) in order to maximize the best of my time that is set aside for shopping.

As for the nightlife, I will have to tone it down a bit. I probably won’t be able to hang out all night, neither is it a wise idea to drink since I will be by myself and all. The hostal is somewhat hidden in the narrow Spanish streets, so I will need to be as sober as possible to make it back. Heck, I will probably get lost without any alcohol consumption.

I thought of including some pictures, but I don’t feel like barrowing others’ works to put on here. From now, the pictures that I will post will come from my IPhone camera.

Speaking of which, I have decided not to get a camera… I can’t really afford a nice one right now and all of the basic point-and-shoot ones that I had tested out in the store have even worse quality than my phone! We will just have to make do with what we have. Besides, I don’t want to be burdened with the obligation to take good photos. I’d rather make good memories than take some good shots to show off to some faceless people on my other social media sights. Hell, I’m going to be sacrifice so much to make this trip happen, so if they want to see the goods, they’ll just have to pay me hahahaha.

But it’s another story for this blog. I’ll try to snap a few photos of the gorgeous Mallorca for the purpose of improving my posts! Stay tuned.



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