Study Abroad Pre-Departure Newsletter

I needed a dose of reality.

So far my summer involves waking up, going to work, coming home, getting lost surfing the net, sleeping, waking up, going to work…and the cycle continues. The days start to blend and studying abroad seems so far away that it looks like it will never come. Countdowns, after countdowns…wondering if the day will ever arrive.

Well, I have more or less four weeks left, but that didn’t stir me a bit. I became accustomed to the fact that it does not matter how far the day is away; what was important was that the day was not today.

I gave up picturing how close the date is, and that made me lose my enthusiasm a bit. But today, I got a newsletter from the study abroad program and now I am in panic. I have not even started any of their recommended preparations. For instance, one of their advices is to make a budget.


That is precisely why I am working as hard as I am right now so I won’t have to be concerned about that stuff.

As far as I know, I am already set on the flights and hotels. I will need to save a couple of hundred of bucks for the local transportation, which shouldn’t be that bad. The rest is “budgeted” towards food and leisure, especially clothes.

The host exciting thing about the newsletter is finally having more info about the host family. And by having more info I mean finding out about when I will hear more about my host…. Not the most informative letter, but it is something.

Also, I will also have the itinerary for the excursions in Madrid and Toledo. Definitely looking forward to that!

Another anticipated information concerns with my arrival… Since I will land in Madrid two days before the intended starting date of the program, I will be on my own first before joining the group at the hotel. I need to know what hotel we will be staying in so that I can familiarize myself with the streets on Google Map!

For now, I plan to take the airport bus and get off at Cibeles… I wish I was there right now! Huge celebration going at the moment as I type! Real Madrid finally won the UEFA Champions after these long 12 years. It has been a very emotional day.



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