Saying No to Posting Photos

I’m one of those people who have Facebook-nothing out of the ordinary.

But I HATE sharing photos, especially the one with my face in them. Either I am not obsessed with my appearance or think that the social media could utilize its space for better things, the result is the same: no photos.

Of course, I have a few…and by a few I mean less than 30, with about 10 of myself or my “tagged” self.

I ironically have Instagram, too, but most of my pictures are of the beautiful MotoGP youngest and reigning champ, Mr. Marc Marquez himself. You can say that I do not use these social media sites for their intended purpose.

At least when I take photos, I make sure that they are decent and capture the scenery well… Or do I? I like to use the effects on Instagram to “dramatize” the pictures. I think it does make some of my pictures look better than they actually are.

But when I travel abroad, I suspect that I won’t have as much access to wifi to share the photos on either of the sites…so I will have to upload it to my computer first, and then to a flash drive.

Regardless, I’m not going to be one of those people who posts a hundred (or more!) of their pointless pictures on Facebook, or even Instagram.

I go for the BAM not the blah, blah, blah. As in: “Here’s the city. It’s f***ing gorgeous. Point taken?” and done.

But life is full of the insignificant little things, and it would be unfair for me not to capture these things-like drinking coffee and buying newspapers in Spain-because, let’s face it, my memory will fail me some time in the future. I don’t want to forget what it’s like to have lived those little moments. To me, they are priceless, and they should be immortalized. That’s why I choose Flickr.

I will not post the pictures on Facebook because:

1) I can’t stand putting something so important to me out there only to serve others’ boredom

2) I paid to be there. These photos would have cost me a fortune. Can’t just give it out for free.

3) Sitting there for hours to upload all of the photos? Nah.

4) Only the few close ones who are genuinely curious will get to see the photos that I value so much.

5) To sum it up, you can say that I am a selfish teenager with lots of trust issues.

I tried Tumblr, too, but unfortunately forgot the password. Besides, I have gotten used to the format of WordPress, so it’s too redundant to have two photo-sharing “blogs”. Instagram’s great too, but it’s a bit like Facebook…not personal enough. And I’m not going to spend my time abroad occupying myself with uploading the photos on there. At least not right away, no. Maybe after I got back from the trip when I would be sitting at home with nothing to do.

So there it is, I like Flickr. Just pictures and no words; the words belong here-honest and unspoken ones, too.

Of course, here is also where I will share some of the photos, but unlike the other sites, I will be able to make deep reflections. I can’t wait to have some awesome photos to discuss on here.

My adventure awaits…only a month and a half to go!







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