Research Update: From Airport to City Center

Let’s see…I haven’t been in the mood to blog lately, but after seeing my fav MotoGP rider posted something today in his blog, I figured that I should do mine.


I have been researching like crazy (like usual…) to figure out the best way to get to my hotel after I land in Madrid. So here is what I found:

1) Taxi

-The good: most comfortable and convenience; direct route to hotel

-The bad: Expensive (25-30 euros); possible scam….

2) The Aerocity

-The good: less expensive than taxi; will be dropped off at the hotel

-The bad: May stop a few times so that other passengers can get off; will have to wait to people to get on and off; relatively expensive (15-20 euros); reviews have been inconsistant

3) The metro

-The good: Easily the cheapest (4.5 euros at the most); no traffic

-The bad: Have to make connections at different stations; walking up and down the stairs with luggage; attracts pickpocketers

4) Airport Express

-The good: Relatively cheap (5 euros!); Only 3 stops but all are in the city center

-The bad: Have to catch another city bus to the hotel

I think I’m going with Option #4.

Until then.






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