It’s almost here!

A couple of more months of waiting…Soon to be over.

Although I have promised myself not to shop at all, I decided to buy a jacket today to wear for the flight. So you can say it’s not that bad. Besides, it’s only $30, pretty decent for a decent leather jacket.

Weeeee, I am ready to fly. Well, I have my outfit ready.

I even got a new portable laptop. It’s looking good so far. I like the keyboard, since it doesn’t require as much force as my ancient laptop. In fact, I’m using it to type this post right now.

I think I will leave it here. I know I still have some weeks to go, but I will put aside my outfit for the flight. I should stop wearing my favorite black pants and that super comfortable 7-yr-old shoes for work. (Yes, they are indeed 7 years old, but I only began to wear them last year… They are in a stable condition. Thank goodness they are so well-made).

So, black leather flats, black leather jackets, soft pink Mango shirt, and black leather handbag… I’m beyond excited!!!

Until then.