Almost (T)Here

After my final on Thursday, I should be relatively free. Well, at least free from the stress of school work, just manual labor… And once I am, I will be here regularly-on this blog, typing away.

For now, the biggest questions I have are:

1. Whose jersey of a Real Madrid player should I buy? I love them all.

2. Should I get a camera?

I still have to sort out #1, but as for #2, I think I have the answer.

It’s no, I will not be getting a camera. I think I will rely on my Iphone.

It does sound crazy and even risky, but I think it’s the best way to go. I could save myself a one hundred bucks or two that could get me some ridiculously expensive outfit. Ha.

More importantly, it’s for a safety concern. I would want to look like a tourist as little as possible.

Most importantly, I prefer not to worry too much about taking photo. I will be there only for a short time, so I need to enjoy the moment, not taking a bunch of pictures just to show off and impress the people that I barely know on certain social media cites.

I found this post to be extremely helpful:

So that’s it for now. A short and not the most thoughtful post, but I really do need to study for my Spanish Linguistics exam.

Hasta luego.




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