The Little Things

6:45 AM.

I am ready to bid the spring semester farewell. Only two more days left of classes! Expect me to be unbelievably active on here, given that the only thing I have to do before my trip to Spain is working part-time.

As the much-anticipated day is coming closer, I’m beginning to think about what to pack. Actually, the biggest question is what NOT to pack. I already bought a luggage that is half as tall as I am, but I don’t know what to leave out of it. If I dare say, I don’t want to pack too much clothes as I have been saving enough money to turn over my closet. So clothes are not the issue, what I have been wondering are the little things. My question is: where in Madrid, besides El Corte, should I buy the follow stuff? I’m looking for variety, quality, and affordable prices:

-Toiletries, including the basics like soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, and hair conditioner

-All kinds of hair products: oil, heat protector, dry shampoo, moisturizer, hair dryer and/or flat iron.

-Best places to shop for shoes?

-Perfume, perfume, perfume! (I am dying to try some affordable Zara perfume despite the fact that I love the up-scale designers ones. I am also willing to test out some local fragrances as well.)

-A good salon that will not break the bank

-Writing equipment and a diary. Oh, and seeing that I will be taking classes, I probably will need to get some notebooks as well.

-Um, and where do I do my laundry?

-The Marc Marquez document “Beyond the Smile”… I checked El Corte Ingles and Fnac but they don’t sell it…I’m afraid I may have to order it off of Amazon, which is what I want to avoid doing before I go to Spain. Saving money is the most important, at least at the moment.

These might be the most obvious questions to the people who are already in Spain, but I’m just sitting here completely clueless. I don’t want to become dependent on El Corte Ingles or Fnac alone. At least I know that there are a countless number of shops in Madrid. But, see, that is also a problem: all of these shops with the nameless names. It’s all a blur to me at this point. So many questions, and the list will go on, especially now that I have free time.

I guess I will find out when I get there.






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