In the Mail: Spanish Visa




When I have something very exciting to blog about, I tend to disregard the artistry of writing. This is another one of those posts.

But the good news is: I GOT MY VISA!!!!

As I have mentioned in the previous post

I am not unfamiliar with the visa application process. From my experience, it could take months and months before one can enter a country…one such as the United States of America. But that’s another story for another day.

The only obstacle that stands between me and Madrid is now time. Less than 80 days to go now. Ah, time; it has always been a bastard, especially for a dreamer who has her mind set on the future.

Let’s leave the future alone for a minute as I recount the past, something that happened a few hours ago.

After receiving the notice that the USPS had left an envelope for me at the post office, I was determined to go pick up the mail early on Saturday. However, as a vivid MotoGP fan, there is no way that I could miss the Free Practice and Qualifier sessions…So I waited after there was a break between the races and headed to the post office at noon. To my surprise, the post office was quite crowded. Standing in line for a minute felt like an eternity. To shorten my stay at the post office, I looked for my i.d. while standing in the line. I flipped through my wallet of cards. Debit cards, Office Depot, library cards, CVS, student i.d., MotoGP rider Marc Marquez’s Official Fan Club Member card….but no drivers’ license. I could feel my hands slowing losing strength as it dawned on me that I had left it with the other documents needed to apply for the visa. Fortunately, as it is a college town, the staff accepted my student i.d., but he asked for one that has my birthday on it. I was confused and said, “July ##?” It turns out that he was just joking…. I laughed nervously even though I saw no humor in it. At all. Way to mess with my hopes and dreams.

Needless to say, I was extra careful driving home. I took my passport out and put it on my lap, probably not the wisest thing but I needed to feel that it is within my reach, that it is tangible and real. My eyes were filled with tear and my lips the widest smile. I can finally get away from this place, even just for 50 days. I cannot wait to see what adventures await me on the other side of the ocean.

So now that going to Spain is no longer only a dream, I need to consolidate my plans. I have all of my flights and hotels booked, yes, but I do not have a solid itinerary of what to do once I landed. Guess what is the first thing that I am going to do, now that I have my visa? After finishing this post, I will get the necessary materials ready so I can do it. Find out at the end of the post!

Although there are many informative travel blogs out there that provide many trips about going abroad, mine has not always been one. I am just another college student with little means to study abroad but determined to make it happen. I use this blog to record my journey to the journey, and many of my posts are just pure complaining. But I do want to offer what I can that can helpful prospective adventurers, so I will try to include more informative posts rather than just me going on about how restless and tired I am from school and part-time job. I think I can start by writing a post about the tourist visa application. Also, I am applying to be a blogger for both my college and the study abroad program. If I got accepted, I will even repost my post on here. Regardless, here is where the most honest words lie, and maybe, just maybe, I can even add the juicy details that cannot be shared with the university and the study abroad program. Ha.

I have been e-mailing the program’s study abroad staff about the visa too many times. It is time that I send a heartfelt thank-you e-mail. Right after completing my mission for something that I will do in Madrid, that is. Came up with an answer yet? Scroll down to see the reveal.

Until then.


~Brisa Libre








***I’m going to buy my ticket online for Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu Stadium tour!!!!!!







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