Something in the Mail

It seems like I haven’t on here for the longest time. So here’s the newest update about the process of studying abroad in the place of my dream….

Today has been my ideal “spring” kind of day – sunny and warm, yet blessed with a cool breeze that makes your hair fly ever so lightly. You can feel the wind tickling the back of your ears and it instantly lifts your face up. You enjoy every step you take it strengthens the force of the wind, so much so that it makes you feel like it will be strong enough to elevate you away from the dense ground. Away, and away, and away – into freedom.

While my senses enjoyed the weather, my brain and stomach sure didn’t. I had been bombarded with advanced Spanish. The professors speak at a lightning fast speed that turns my head round and round. For every ten words they speak, it seems like there is one that I do not know its meaning. I had four consecutive Advanced Spanish classes from nine-thirty to one forty in the afternoon. It was impossible for a slow eater like me to finish eating something in a few minutes that I had for changing classes. So when I got home, I’m not sure it was just the breeze that made me feel light and airy….So it wasn’t surprising that I just stood there and stared at an orange card that someone had stuck on the door.

“United States Postal Service. Sorry We Missed You! We (re) Deliver for You.”

Leaving the door ajar, I purposelessly glanced up and down the card. My eyes rapidly ran over the black ink, yet my brain was not processing the information. A tilted, hand-written “X” finally stopped my eyes from their wandering.  It stands in front of the words “Express Mail” and to the left is another smaller “x” in front of “Large envelope, magazine, catalog, etc.”

A bell suddenly rang.

This must be…No, it couldn’t be!

There is no way that my much-awaited travel document could be here already. The application was “accepted” a week and three days ago. No word was given about whether it was approved or not. No word was given regarding mistakes on the forms or missing documents. That is what I fear the most.

I fear that I may have to take another 5-hour trip down south and re-apply or turn in missing documents.

There is no way of knowing. Time is playing its tricks on me (again, the bastard). I can only pick up this mysterious envelope from the post office tomorrow.

Tomorrow, time will unfold my faith…or I’ll be disappointed by the fact that it is some useless mail that I am not waiting for. We will see.






There is no way that the document



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