My First Luggage

So after seven-something hours of customer service and putting a thousand articles of clothes back where they belong, I – for once – became a customer and bought my very first luggage.

Excuse my moment of self-love here, but I am so proud of this luggage…and myself. I mean, I bought it with my very own sweat and, yes, tears.

Its original price was $440….

But have you seen a luggage sold in department stores on full price??? I would hope not. Perhaps they overprice it so that they can put it on “sale” and attract customers. The cost of producing that big cube probably isn’t that high, anyway. Whether it is put on sale or not, the producer is sure to make some kind of profit.

Guess how much I bought it for.

One hundred and thirty-five dollars. I repeat: $135.

Apparently there was some kind of special discounts going on today so it was 60% off. On top of that, I got a 20% associate’s discounts. Cheers.

I’d say I did pretty good for paying that little on a huge Samsonite bag. And my goodness, is the bag gorgeous. It’s a nice shade of black and as light as feather.

I’m too tired to go on and my grammar is atrocious let alone the artistic/creative aspects for this post.

So I’m going to get some sleep before going to bed….Only to wake up early to do some homework. Sigh. It’s been rough.





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