An Update with a Nameless Title

To be honest, I meant to post about something for awhile, but it has been like I am out of words.

No, not out of words, more like…Out of the right words to explain.

Many things have happened since I last posted, even though it was not even that long ago. So here comes the latest update:

I am about to be all set to go to Spain this summer. Every requirement of the study abroad program has been fulfilled and every flights have been booked, even the national ones (within Spain). All but one hotels have been booked….So here is where Marc Marquez comes in.

Before I begin my rant of that, I just want to say that I am not in the best mood right now. I thought that I would have all freedom in the world to do absolutely whatever I want when I want because it is spring break. But no. Turns out that you have to value someone else’s considerations when you live with them. It is excruciatingly annoying. I was just taking a late afternoon nap when my door was banged loudly as if it was kicked, not knocked, almost giving me a heart attack instead of just waking me up. Can I just get out of this hell of a rat hole already? 

So what do I turn to when I’m in a bad mood? It’s going to sound like I’m a simpleton, but the things that always cheer me up is soccer and the MotoGP rider Mr. Marquez….and blogging and planning my travels, of course, but mainly the first two.

Now, before the nap, I watched a live soccer game of La Liga’s Madrid derby between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid. I was already somewhat annoyed that it ended it a tie, but it is still better than a defeat. So at this point, soccer is not going to do any good.

So I turned to the other two things: Marc Marquez and planning my trips. Yes, I combined the two together and now I am floating in happiness.

As the (unofficial, since I have yet to receive my membership card, t-shirt, and necklace) official member of the Marc Marquez Fan Club based in his hometown, I am obligated to visit the city, no? Hahahaha.

If you have read one of the previous blogs, you may have heard the name of the city: Cervera!

After my initial research, as I have said before, I found only two possibilities of accommodation, one of which is said to be the base of his official fan club. And as I may have already posted (see “Catalan Communication”) , I found out that the price is quite affordable, so I went ahead and submitted a reservation. Unfortunately, I still haven’t heard back. Maybe I am a little impatient, but five days is a long time to wait for a response… Which is why today I began to look at other options.

I somehow ran into this website and it was PERFECT!

It has all of the information that I needed. It even listed all the hotels! Granted, the options are still quite limited with 7 choices, but hey, that is something.

But things work in a funny and mysterious manner in life, and, like with many other things, I go back to the first thing that I happen to run into.

This is one of the two hotels that I first learn about. Unlike the one that is associated with the official fan club, this one does not even provide an e-mail address, let alone a link where I can book the hotel online (see “HOLY SH!T“). Luckily, the Cervera tourism website provides the hotel’s e-mail address! I will decide whether or not I should contact them soon, considering that I have already made a reservation with the other hostal.

I still have plenty to say about this town. I need to write it down somewhere instead of keeping everything in my head. That way, I won’t be able to forget it, but that is all for now. More later.



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