What have I done????

Excuse my language, but I’m so insanely excited to the point that every pore in my body is tingling and I have an urgent need of urinating in my pants…If I was wearing one.

So what happened? I’m about to book a hotel in the middle of nowhere, that’s what happened. The town’s most prominent landmarc? Well, I already gave a hint with the misspelled word: landMARC, as in MARC MARQUEZ.

There is a good possibility that I will staying in his hometown and join the Official Marc Marquez’s Fan Club in Cervera. Image

He will be racing in the USA while I am there. It is absurd, I know. But I think it’s better that way, because I don’t think it would be a good idea to catch him in his hometown. Even for me, that’s a bit stalkerish. If I was famous and someone came to my safe little hometown and trying to break into my comfort bubble, I’d be pretty freaked out, too.

Nothing is for certain yet, despite the fact that I am determined to make it happen. I know that I will never be this young, energetic, and impulsive again. So, might as well.

Like I have said before, there are only 2 hotels in the town -neither of which allow you to make an online reservation. One of the two hotel does not even provide their e-mail address! It looks like I would have to call them if I want to stay there. The other hotel, on the other hand, allows you to make a reservation by shooting them in e-mail. Since the entire website is in Spanish (and partially Catalan, the local language), I decided to go ahead and write my e-mail in Spanish (Castellano). My first business e-mail in Spanish! Here is what I wrote.


En primer lugar, me disculpo por mi castellano. Todavía estoy aprendiendo el idioma.

Quisiera saber el precio antes de reservar una habitación por dos noches, desde el 8 de agosto hasta el 9 para una persona. Soy una gran fan de Marc Márquez. ¡Sería increíble si pudiera ver el Indy de su ciudad natal!

Estoy con ganas de pasar mi tiempo en Cervera en el futuro.

Moltes Gràcies,

(Brisa Libre)


The e-mail quickly turned into something that the ultimate fan girl would write. But that’s that. It’s been sent. At least I added a touch of Catalan at the end. “Moltes Gràcies” means thank you very much.

Now I am impatiently waiting for the response.





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