Update: Arrival of Acceptance Letter

25 January 2014

It is official: I received my acceptance letter in the mail that came all the way from Spain.

Well, it’s been official [that I will be studying abroad in Malaga, Spain] since last summer, but everything seems more legitimate when it is sent via mail than electronically.

The letter is in Spanish, and I’ll just say that I understand 99% of it. I think there’s a word in there that I don’t know.

Despite feeling like an illiterate simpleton in my Spanish classes (especially the Literature one), it seems that my Spanish is improving bit by bit, in a ever-so-slightly rate. Ok, that rate is not really a quantifiable measurement, but please do not tell me that I need to re-do my calculation – a customer has already told me that. And she was wrong – you can’t protest against the calculator. Not in retail.

It sure is great coming home to see this letter after a long day of intense customer service. People can be ridiculously and unnecessary rude. From a lowly sales associate’s point of view, you can whatever you desire more if you treat the people under you better. No one is blunt enough to tell you this, so I’m telling you now. Everyone matters, everyone is the same, we are all human.

I can go on complaining about these people, but that is such a waste of my precious space of blogging.

I’ll just conclude that I feel bad that they will be stuck here, bargaining for the clothes that they think are “fashionable”.

I will try my best to persevere through these hard time being treated like a sub human. Granted, I have fortunate to have seen some beautiful pictures and videos of Spain in mind to help me get through the day. The time is almost here. It will be worth all the struggles at the end.

Along with the acceptance letter is the letter addressed to the Spanish Consulate with important information regarding my visa. I’m still far from getting a clear idea of what to do next. Tourist visa or student visa? The consulate is telling me to get the first and the study abroad program is telling me the latter. I’m super confused.

And let’s not talk about the need for the medical insurance abroad right now. That will be long enough to consume a whole post.

More later.




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