Taking on the Spring Semester

I’ve never this nervous and excited for a new semester to start.

It’s almost 1 am right now, but I don’t want to sleep. I’m up and blogging away, and I am about to go clean a bit and then do my nails – the two things that I should have done during the winter break… Regardless, I’d like to believe that I have spent my break well by doing nothing and watching a bunch of videos of Marc Marquez (among many others). The latter part is something that will probably continue, but no longer done without zero guilt… Oh, maybe I should mention that I worked my behind off in retail. I’m saving every penny so I can enjoy my travels and being as carefree as possible.

Tomorrow I will have four classes back to back – all of which are Spanish… Composition, Literature, Linguistic, and Commercial Spanish. I’ve never have had so many Spanish classes in the past. You can say that I am gearing up for Malaga. VAMONOS!

That’s that. Short and sweet. We’ll see how much time I have aside for blogging. Hopefully college and the part-time job will be ever so kind.




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