Solo Travelling Plans I: Benalmadena

My plans are anything but concrete at the moment…

I feel very, very overwhelmed right now…. It’s scary to think I only have about 5 months to plan this out. I should have everything planned and booked soon.

I’m trying to find some ways to spend a weekend in Marbella and Benalmadena during my study abroad and then travel some more after that. The Marbella and Benalmadena parts are tricky because I don’t know the dates of the other excursions and other activities that my program will have planned for me. Nonetheless, I need to figure out the cost asap so I know how much money I will need or whether I can spend the night or not… Trust me, I would LOVE to spend some nights in these two cities. But…if I want to travel afterwards, it looks like I shouldn’t spend the night. I guess that’s the best, safest, and surest plan, considering that I don’t have to book anything in advance that might conflict with my program. Thank goodness the train to Benalmadena leaves as early as 5 something in the morning and the latest train leaves at midnight!!! (See for the Benal station and for ALL train trips within the Malaga province).

-For Benalmadena

     -To get there by train: 1.7 Euros (30 minutes of traveling)

     -To get around Benalmadena: 1.1 Euros (I think it would be a good idea to just sit on the bus and go round… You know, sight-seeing.)

Benal BUS      -Omigod where should I get off first… I’d say the Benalmadena pueblo…The bus leaves from Arroyo de la Miel station starting at 6:40am (See
Ok, ok… I estimated the total cost to be around 100 euros or $140. ( 5 euros for a round trip ticket; 10 for getting around the city; 15 for lunch; 5 for ice cream; 25 for dinner; and 30 for shopping).

I try to make the must-do short and sweet:
1. Have breakfast and leave Malaga at the Maria Zambrano Station before 8:30am.
2. Arrive the Arroyo Station around 9am (the trip should take about 30 minutes). Then take a bus around the city.
3. Get off at the Old Town and eat lunch. Oh, and shop at the local shops.
4. Take the bus down to the temple before 2pm.
5. Go to the Marina around 4pm. Get some ice-cream. Chill. Walk around. Enjoy the view. Go to the beach if possible.
6. At 8pm, take the bus back to Arroyo. Have dinner and walk around.
7. Head toward the train station at around 10:30pm and catch the train back. Remember the last four trains run at 22:00, 22:30, 23:00, and 23:30.

I’d say that sounds like a good plan. Nothing complicated: Arroyo-> Old Town -> Temple -> Marina -> Arroyo -> Home

I’m deliriously happy to see the plan takes some shape and form. This CAN happen.



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