Itinerary & Money Matters

It is happening… Here we go!

Program Cost: $4,900

Round trip flight: $1,500 (Well, according to the most reliable source called Internet, it should be around $1,390 but I decide to go ahead and overestimate the price just to be save).

June (Thu.) : Depart from the US

June (Fri.) : Arrive in Madrid no later than 2pm. Check into the hotel and “rest”. City visit in the evening!!! 🙂

June (Sat.) : EXCURSION – Visit Museo del Prado and other Madrid sites


June (Sun.) : EXCURSION – Depart for Toledo. Guided tour of Toledo and meeting in the evening.


June (Mon.) : TRAVEL to Malaga and meet host family!

Image (Tue.) : Placement Exam at the University of Malaga

(Wed.) : Classes start @ the University

—-By the way, I would be turning 20 years old—-

       -EXCURSIONS with the program (Day trip to Ronda and overnight trip to Granada)

            -Solo excursions within the Malaga Province (Benalmadena & Marbella)

(Mon.) : Classes end

(Tue.) : Travel to Madrid in the evening on an overnight bus to the airport. Fly to MALLORCA, baby!!!

And that’s the first part of the itinerary that should be pretty predictable. Get ready for part II. Vamonos!







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