All Forms In & Other Deep Thoughts

I have successfully met my goal of turning in all of my study abroad forms in before Christmas arrives. You would think it’s easy from here.

Nah, it’s just getting started.

It true that I attend a very American university in the deeeeep, deep south, but it doesn’t mean that my process of getting to study abroad is the same to that of other students here. The thing is, I’m a citizen of a country that must have a visa to travel to Spain – even for a short period of time. In other words, I have to go through more complicated steps before I can study there, whilst other American students can just turn in these forms to the study abroad office and not have to worry about much from there. Their arrival to Spain is guaranteed.

I was thinking that maybe some students from the U.S. of A. might find my blog useful…I guess that’s not the case.

Those who could relate to my blog the most will probably have to be those who are dreaming of studying abroad, abroad…

I am more than fortunate to be able to study in a foreign country and immerse deeply into the culture. Somehow that is not enough. I came here at a fairly young age. Needless to say, it was not entirely 100% my decision. What could an 11-year-old say or do?

But Spain will be different. Spain is 100% my choice. I have been asked why Spain? What do you have to do with the country? Is your family from there? Have you been to Spain before?

And the answers are nothing, no, and no. And the honest confession is that I don’t really know why it has to be Spain.

And the even more honest confession is that I don’t know where to begin the explanation. There are so many puzzling threads that lead to the answer. I think it’s better to leave them alone.

Aaaand here it looks like I’m trying to run away from the issue…

See, I wouldn’t run; but then I would return to the scenario of where to begin again. It’s just a gigantic, spinning cycle.

Let me take a deep breath for a minute………………….Ok, let’s do this – I think it’d be easier if I just quickly spell the reasons of “Why Spain?” out as quickly as I can and let the subconscious mind does the work. A fair warning is that I will not edit the following part. Ready? GO!

-History, oh the old glorious history; the one of a few places that kicks off the “world” history

-FOOTBALL (soccer)

-The language that is just so beautiful and fun to speak

-…the gorgeous men…There’s just something about them. (Ahem, Marc Marquez, especially. To be continued. The following in the future material may be disturbing to some audience)

-The culture & the “passion”

-The sense of “foreignness”, the attraction of the new and the unknown, lure of being far, far away where no one knows enough, the incuriosity of not worrying about anyone or anything but yourself, and opportunity to be and do anything by starting over on a clean slate

Phew. Time to “revisit” what I just wrote down. I feel like those are just a small portion of the true reasons. How can you spell out the warm feelings that you feel in your heart? How can you jot something down when, by doing so, you change the substance of the feelings into something else – something that is entirely different? How can one feel these “feelings” any longer after they have become something tangible – something so coarse that even the materialistic eyes can see? I guess I’m just a bad writer.

Ok, so I just erased an entire paragraph of the “revisiting“…

It has just dawned to me right now (at this very moment as I am typing away) that although it may seem like I am making an excuse for running away from answering the question, it is better not to dig too deep.

Like I have said earlier in a post that I’ve written quite a while ago, it is better not to search to deep (into the soul), you might break the fragile thing.

Mystery keeps things interesting and curiosity drives the pursuing. Come to think about it, that might be the motto that I live by.

So, no, I won’t spell things out. It’s too easy and obvious that it’s no fun.

And I will just jump abroad voluntarily onto a mysterious journey without really knowing why – that’s the part of the fun.





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